CDC Motto

Working in Faith

Laboring in Love

Remaining steadfast

in the hope of

our Lord Jesus Christ

1 Thess. 1:3

Concordia Deaconess Conference is a free association of certified or LCMS rostered deaconesses who subscribe to and live by the confessional position of the LCMS and who hold membership ina congregation of the same.

CDC is a Recognized Service Organization of The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod.

The official objectives of CDC:

  • Give all glory to God
  • Extend the kingdom of God
  • Aid the LCMS in upholding and promoting deaconess ministry
  • Provide spiritual, personal, and professional growth and fellowship for LCMS deaconesses
Deaconesses provide diaconal service in Christ within the parishes, instistutions, and missions of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Such service includes acts of mercy, spiritual care, and teaching the faith.